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Friday, August 17, 2012

relationship with a loved

Many Russian women in their lives experienced the following situations: the relationship with a loved one is in full swing, everything is fine, and suddenly it disappears. Yes, it just disappears from your life. No scandals, indictments, autopsy, autopsy, claims and other unpleasant, but it is understandable that typically precede separation. No, it simply ceases to communicate, did not return calls, and caught a "live" mutters something unintelligible. The woman declined in the midst of relationships when it is full of love, tenderness, and all dissolved in the novel gets a terrible psychological blow for a long time can not move away from such a betrayal of the Russian woman.

She then months, even years, "licking wounds" and learns to trust people again. Typically, this situation is troubling, it seems obscure, confusing, and makes the search for causes. Of course, you can dig into themselves, to think, and suddenly he was gone, because I was too intrusive, it does not understand the subtle soul, is too small \ he devoted much time, do not get along with her mother, etc. In fact, for this reason that you do not. But you know, somewhere in the ten years, accidentally met him on the street. And the indifferent will listen that he was a fool, that he always regretted that his actions, he was too young / poor / busy / not sure of myself / and so I decided it was best to leave.

But that's not the worst scenario, where the situation is unpleasant, when a Russian woman disappears briefly and in a month or two or three, when you are just starting to recover, is as though nothing unprecedented, vows of love, says you can not live without Can be all you need to start all over again, etc. And such a scenario could be repeated over the years, developed an inferiority complex of the Russian woman. So what's the reason, really? Simply put, he suddenly realizes that the light, beautiful novel begins to turn into something more, and sooner or later he will have to decide how to live with this further. And he is not ready to decide, for fear of deep feelings and his immaturity (I do not think that if a person has 2metra growth and a good position, it can not be infantile in their personal lives).

What if this "happiness", which you have to cry, and even a few lost standing in the doorway and asks plaintively back? For the first time, of course, is rarely what the Russian woman can stand and not let go, and second, the third time? If you think that the image of the victim to anything, and you deserve a better life, then think about how it will behave when you are sick, have lost their jobs, and just start to build a cottage? He has already proved that is capable of meanness, even when everything is fine, but how it will behave in a critical situation? Submitted by? As a rule, women have a vivid imagination, and this situation is only when you need to turn it on, paint all the passion that comes to mind is brighter, and send a handsome, with tail between its legs appeared at the door, far away. By the way, I guarantee - it will give you great pleasure!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Where to get acquainted with Russian girl?

When you are looking for a great place to get acquainted with a Russian woman is usually the first to come to mind are bars, cafes and, of course, shopping. However, there are plenty of other places that you might not have considered - and they should be taken into account. Here you will find five new places to meet Russian girls.
 Here are five suitable sites.
Dance lessons

What a nice place. Where else will you find a lot of Russian women - mostly teenagers - that you will be forced to engage in physical contact? Chances are high that you will be one of the few men in the group, so that the numbers are in your favor. In addition, you will share with the girls in pairs - a great opportunity to get to know each.

If between you and one of your partners will switch the laws of chemistry, completely natural to invite her to walk around the city to practice what you have learned the lessons of dances.

Wine tasting

This may seem a little boring, but the wine tasting event is really a great place to get acquainted with a Russian woman. The atmosphere will be more subtle and interesting than in the bar, and you will be surrounded by women, as a rule, the higher the sample. These women will be much more interested in good conversation. Vbroste bit of wit and sarcasm in the dialogue, and things go like clockwork. Read something about the wine before you go on such an evening, or just go on the Rights of the freshman - the girls will be pleasing to the fact that you've come to learn. Then discuss the nearby restaurants and make an appointment.


Look at the rocker, and you will find many attractive for simulators of Russian women. But in the realm of possibility will be to start a conversation with them, not getting off to a fabulous failure, who had come there only for the removal of a girl.

Instead, think about this form of fitness, like yoga or kickboxing. It's a closed environment, and as everyone does the same exercise, talk becomes much more comfortable.

Plus easier to talk about something after a grueling workout. As an added bonus - the tendency of people to go to the same classes every week, so it's natural ability to know women better off without undue pressure.

Joint visits

If you have an opportunity to find a girl who likes you and who shares your interests, this is definitely the right start. Therefore, it would be good to join an organized tour of the grounds of your favorite hobby. Such as hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, bird watching, and others. This is a simple way to get acquainted with a woman in a relaxed environment without feeling heaviness and discomfort that accompany dating. Besides, you're both doing what you like. So it's a great opportunity to show their best side.

Social Web

Of course, you've heard about the "In Touch" and "Facebook", but if you come to mind, or travel twitter community "Turister"?

These sites can be a great way to meet people who share your interests, as opposed to anonymous profiles on dating sites.

For example, "Turistere" encourage good reports about travel. If you often write them, you have forged a lot of fans. Some people you can easily vytsepit in the joint mission. If you prefer the traditional social networks, we have prepared for you instructions on how to meet a girl online in the "Contact", "Facebook" or on a dating site.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Held a Russian woman - a married Russian woman

Many Russian women are not married. They say that they do not want to marry a drunkard, and then suffer with divorce and property division. Another example, which causes a journalist - 29-year-old Alena Popova. She has founded two companies in Moscow and has adopted the average of four children, and last year ran for the State Duma of the opposition and joined the protest movement, the author says The Daily Beast. According to Popova, many men of the movement urged her to stay home and cook soup, and not to organize rallies. "This attitude - as reflected in the traditional Russian opinion", held a woman - a married woman "- infuriates Popov," - says the author.
And not just her alone. "The most popular argument in favor of the most favorable reproductive age - 30 years. And urged on all sides with a young Russian woman often in a hurry to make one of the most important decisions in my life," - writes in this issue, Maria Viva Victoria Losev.

The author believes that the pressure exerted by society on a Russian woman and forcing her just as soon as possible to organize family life, up to no good argument: "It is logical that, according to statistics, the divorce rate in Russia is approximately two times higher than in the European Union and the number of children raised in single-parent families is growing steadily. "

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why russian women are so beautifull

Okay, let this awkward fat man named Chucho leave him a gold watch, if only by his nephew quickly brought from Iguala a doctor. Antonio tried to move his leg, but it caused a wild pain. He groaned ... Hence, the plane crashed ... And what happened then, he does not remember - very hit his head ... Then again, Antonio fell into oblivion. When he awoke, he saw that with him all the same ... how to ... yeah ... Chucho. He says the highway, three kilometers from his hut. Why so long there's nephew? Let Chucho goes to the highway and stop any car. Let give hours of ... If they send him to the hospital, he will get in touch there with his family in Acapulco and they give the money you need. Only ... more Well, finally, the signal horn ...
- It returned Felipe, sir, - notify Chucho - a machine ...

Rachel and Martha, beatiful russian girls after the funeral was conducted in a room reserved for the widow of Senor Antonio. Raquel, crazy russian women, looked at a large sunny room, furnished with light colored furniture, bright striped blanket touched, expensive antique vase on the table. Antonio millionaire! And then, falling on the pillow, sobbing: she would never see his beloved, desired. What a terrible fate, even getting married, they could not be together, to become a true husband and wife ...
That evening Victoria ascended to her, inquired about the self-mochuvstvii, and seeing the state of the girl begged not get up from bed ¬ Vat. And then I started nenazoylivo ask when and how they became acquainted with her son, if they have relatives with Martha?
Raquel, blonde russian women felt sincere to her position and, as she could, Victoria replied to her questions.
- Relax, Raquel, busty russian girls. Day you were heavy! - Sympathetically shook her hand, Victoria, crazy russian women. - Tomorrow we'll decide when you go back to Guadalajara. There are still many things about what you need to know ... Because of our position ... our family have to worry about many things ... Relax. My son will soon return, and Max will most likely want to meet and talk to you.

Wild russian girls fucking

- You are threatening me, Maximiliano? Well ... Alright.
I agree adult dating russian girls.
- Okay, Don Daniel. I knew you would agree. Here's the money - is that you may have to start living as a test of Antonio Lombardo. Will you allow me to make another operation? In this picture, your daughter and Antonio ...
- But listen ... When my daughter, amatuer russian shomen had time to play with him?
- This is a photo montage, Don Daniel. Try to have a photo I saw everyone who will come into your home. Especially journalists who are about to appear. So now we agree with you about what you say to anyone who asks about your daughter's marriage. We agree, Don Daniel? Let us sit down! ..
Last ... that felt Antonio, this lightning-fast spin and a fiery tornado, which turned the aircraft flying with all passengers on board a few ... That's all. He could not remember what happened next, as he found himself on the soft grass under the forest sprawling bush. This shrub is, obviously, and softened his landing, thus saving his life. But all these thoughts came after. The first is a feeling - complete immobility, inability to move hand or foot. He saw a man, wandering in the bush, but to call him Antonio, as he tried, he could not. The effort, he again lost consciousness. And came the sound of young voices, scolding away goat. Then the voice sounded genuine fear, appeal to some uncle Chucho "Dead is dead!" - Antonio felt that bent over him, and heard unfamiliar voices. They noticed that the "dead man" still breathing beautifu single russian women. Antonio realized that he was not thrown. Feeling light swinging did not cause pain, but when it was over, the wounded man realized that he moved away. The first difficulty with the spoken word was: "Water!" Two voices on it continued to exchange experiences, to consult ... He listened to their words: "Not a single coin ... He was robbed ... And why the clock is not removed? .. Like, pulled myself together! .. It is necessary for the doctor ... No, it would be better if we left it there best russian girls .. Is that you, Felipe, is to blame, go to the road ... We still sell the pots ... I put the clock, Felipe, why are they to him, if it dies? "

Womens russian names

- Ah, my dear son, you know that because of his ailing leg, I cannot find a job! But I could not afford to have contained a squeegee with Martha, sexy russian women dating. And now, when she married, even more so.,.- Now ... Now that Rachel, sexy russian women dating a widow Antonio Lombardo, you will not have to worry about your future! - Rudely interrupted Don Daniel young man.- A widow, women in russian culture?! - Samaniego amazement knew no bounds.- Doi, Daniel! Antonio Lombardo, a husband for your daughter, one of the richest men in Mexico!- But Antonio Lombardo - are you?- Listen to me! Antonio Lombardo - my brother. That is to say, my mother married my father Antonio. And my name is Maximiliano Albeniz.- But you are my daughter cheated, deceived us all! –  Don Daniel.- And you need me to be grateful for it, - cut him Max. - I made you a millionaire. You will now have as much money as you cannot dream. Are not you glad, Don Daniel?- Yes, but .. How did you know that this man die? I'm talking about this, Antonio Lombardo.- He was full of enemies, don Daniel! So, sooner or later, they still would have killed him. I just took advantage of the circumstances ...- But what is the case that he is killed at the perfect moment!- Oh no! His death was somewhat sudden.- Well, well ... Maximiliano, but if anyone knows about this?- No one knows! My family is convinced that Raquel, stereotypes of russian women, married to Antonio.- And she already knows?- Not yet. But I'll be able to convince her, believe me! And you have to be on my side. There is, Don Daniel?- No, no ... You are asking me to act dishonestly ...- For the past few years, you do this for a few pesos. So try again, to the order of millions. We are wasting our time ... Choose ...

Youong russian girls

- All is going well, that's why I say that everything is fine. I know this great villa - he looked at Mariner. - Well, the money russian women gave you?
- She made me take them, and ordered to update its
- Yes, you need clothes, so do not be nervous. After all, you yourself told me that you are a professional gigolo. - Pablo smiled. - How much did russian women give you?
- One hundred thousand francs. Pablo nodded.
- It has always been generous with their lovers. This is a bit much, but it did millions of ... - He paused, then looked at the Mariner. - I need the money, Ron. We need to carry through our plan. Would you give me fifty thousand you?
- If you tell us about your idea, to which all the time hinting at.
- Yes, of course! - Pablo comfortably seated in a chair. - It's very simple. All great ideas are always simple. After three days spent at the villa, Raquel sure that you want to marry her. After you russian women, and redemption, which will require for you, there will be two million dollars.
Mariner looked at him, mouth wide open.
- I steal? You're crazy!
- This will be a phony kidnapping, but the purchase will be a real - Pablo said firmly, - I know Rachel. If it is to make sure that you want to marry her, she will be in your hands. Think yourself well. Everything is fine: love, marriage, no loneliness. It will be at the top of bliss, when suddenly ... You are kidnapped. If it does not pay the two million it you will never see. But she has enough money to get you, it will not fluctuate. And we get two million - one for each. What do you think?
- Damn it! - Mariner seemed frightened. - And if it turns to the police?
- No risk. I assure you. I will send her a message that she did not dare go to the police. I know her, she will shed tears.
- Well, it will pay, then?
- As soon as the money will be with me, we leave Switzerland.